EP 80: It Felt Like a Kick in the Guts: Navigating Courage in Decision-Making

Is the situation actually complicated or is it really quite straightforward, but you're making it complicated because it requires a lot of courage to make the straightforward decision?

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EP 79: Are you on track?

Are you on track for what you want to achieve in 2024? I've just gotten back from a fabulous holiday with my family, but as I sit back down at my desk, it’s hard to believe we’re already in Q2 of this year!

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EP 78: This Powerful Question Could Revolutionise Your Career

How would you behave if you were the best in the world?

If you were at the absolute top of your field, what actions would you take every day to maintain that level of excellence?

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EP 77: What I learnt from my mid-life crisis

Someone recently asked me why I moved from project management and property development into leadership coaching. And I told them the truth - I'd had a midlife crisis!

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EP 76: Stop Killing the Golden Goose

If you’re like many leaders in the property and construction industry, you’ll know what it’s like to push yourself relentlessly to deliver results - even at the expense of your own wellbeing...

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EP 75: Constructive Clashes: Why We Need Conflict at Work

In our daily lives, the word "conflict" often carries a negative connotation.

Many of us shy away from disagreement and avoid confrontation at all costs. But what if...

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EP 74: Reprogramming Your Brain: Uncovering Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever stopped to consider how your thoughts shape your reality?

Think of your mind as an iceberg...

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EP 73: Earning Trust

Trust is the foundation upon which all successful relationships are built, personal or professional. Without trust, even the most brilliant...

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EP 72: Decoding Your Colleagues: Your Workplace Playbook

Have you ever had that colleague who just does not understand what you’re trying to say?

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